CIDIN – IS Academy
One of the main objectives of the IS Academy (including the NGO database) is to bridge the gap between policy and knowledge. This requires easy access to research findings. The list below presents publications by (former) staff members and PhD-students of CIDIN related to the IS-Academy Civil Society for the period 2006 - 2012. For easy reference, direct links to most of these publications are provided by clicking on the title.

Popular Articles
Habraken, R. and L. Schulpen (2014), Dutch NGO aid in 2012 – An Overview of Expenditures to Developing Countries , Nijmegen: CIDIN, Radboud University , March.

Schulpen, L. (2009), Hulp behoeft meer afstemming , in: Reformatorisch Dagblad, October.

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Kempen, van, L., R. Habraken, and L. Schulpen (2012), Waar een klein land klein in kan worden, in: ViceVersa, Mei.

Peer reviewed publications
Elbers, W. and L. Schulpen (2010), Decision-Making in Partnerships for Development: Explaining the Influence of Local Partners , in: Nonprofit and Voluntar Sector Quarterly, XX(X): 1–18.

Hoop, T. de and L. van Kempen (2010), Trust in Health Providers as a Catalyst for Malaria Prevention: Heterogeneous Impacts of Health Education in Rural Ghana, in: The Developing Economies, 48 (3): 376-404.

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